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Pregnancy Support Belly Band

I am 4 months pregnant and this support belly band has really help reduce the pain in my lower back with the weight of the baby and my back problem. I have notice the last time that I was pregnant about for years ago that my hips would start to hurt as I got father along and it it true this time around as well.

The belly band helps with a lot of stuff.

Relieves Pain and Pressure

Two-piece design applies support in the correct areas (lower back and hips) without increasing pressure on the baby

ObGyn recommended anatomical design

Relieves lower back and sciatic pain

Relieves pressure on stomach, hips and pelvis

Reduces fatigue

Improves circulation

Designed to Support an Active lifestyle

Unique molded Air light™ foam panels with perforated holes help keep moms cool while running around

Sheer design that looks great under clothes, unlike other bulky pregnancy belly bands

Molded foam panels contours over hips and cradles under belly without applying pressure or digging

Lightweight materi…

New Baby

We found out that we are having another baby the baby is due in June 5, 2016. We are hoping for a little boy but will be happy with what god gives us.
10 Weeks

12 weeks