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Guitar Center

Guitar Center has alot of diffrent music interments that you can play on. They also have more information on there site about all the different guitars they have. They also have a Steel guitar they have many different type of ones on there site if you want to go check it out.


So I have been busy since Link has arrived in our lives. He is a wonderful baby boy he was born on 6/2/2016 @ 8:36 am. He came out looking just like his daddy all they way.

Time went by so fast one day I had a newborn before I new it he was already 2 weeks old

And has more time has went by he has learned to sit up and crawl around our house and now he is trying to walk and he is only 9 months old will be 10 months on April 2.

they grow so fast make sure to enjoy it while they are little.

How To Straighten Your Hair Like A Pro

How To Straighten Your Hair Like A Pro

If you’re sick and tired of staring at your unruly mop of hair, wondering how you’re going to style it into something suitable for the day ahead then let my styling tips help. I’ve spent years wondering what to do with my hair, which is neither curly nor straight – somewhere in between but coated in frizz which gets so much worse when the damp weather hits! Rather than spending my cash at the hairdresser every week I like to do it myself. I think I’ve tried everything I can and now I can safely say I’m able to straighten out my hair with ease and using the right products, strategy and hair tools – I can finally get it straight and sleek! You need plenty of patience and a good sense of humor because sometimes hair just refuses to bend into place – so coax it nicely and be good to it and it will treat you nicely!

Prepare Your Tresses

Firstly, what you use to start the process will help with the end result. Wash your hair carefully, I prefer to u…